Simply by installing the DIGIWELLNESS mobile app, developed by HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL

(downloadable from Apple’s “App Store” or “Google Play”) onto a compatible operating system and using it

with the intention of benefitting from its services, the user declares that he/she is aware of the present

general terms and conditions of use applicable to the DIGIWELLNESS service and accepts them in full.

Article 1 Object

1.1 Field of application

These general terms and conditions (hereafter referred to as “general conditions”) define the rights and

obligations of parties in the context of the hereafter described services obtained via the DIGIWELLNESS

mobile app.

The general conditions are concluded between HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL on the one hand and the

user/s of the mobile application on the other hand, hereafter referred to as “the parties”.

The parties agree that their relationship shall be solely regulated by the present general conditions, to the

exclusion of all others.

The application user declares that he/she acts in full legal capacity.

Any person judged legally incapable, in accordance with articles 1123 et cetera of the Civil Code, may in no

wise make reservations on the site, or must make such by dint of an intermediary and under the

responsibility of their legal representative. This legal representative is required to respect the general


1.2 Description of DIGIWELLNESS services

The DIGIWELLNESS mobile app is supplied free-of- charge and is intended for personal, non-commercial


The app’s functionalities are as follows:

 Duty pharmacist and geo-localisation

 Indicates the closest partner pharmacist to the user’s location;

 Indicates the closest duty pharmacist to the user’s location;

 Shows a map of independent members of the Life Pharma/CERP group of pharmacists with their

addresses and opening hours.

 Prescriptions: a patient can send a photo of their prescription, medicine packaging or even a text to their

pharmacist and be informed the moment their order is ready.

 Orders: a pharmacist can choose the products and quantities desired via the DIGIWELLNESS app.

 News: pharmacists can download medical news via the DIGIWELLNESS app to send on to their clients.

 Offers and coupons: patients can scan the coupons they receive from medical laboratories in order to

benefit from reductions.


Financial transactions take place outside the DIGIWELLNESS platform.

1.3 Price

The price of products ordered/reserved is not communicated by the app. The sum total of the order will be

communicated to the patient in the pharmacy chosen as a collection point.

Article 2 Intellectual property

2.1 Property

All constituent elements of the app, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright law,

registered trademark, patent law or general intellectual property legislation, as well as by the law relative to

databases. They are all the exclusive property of HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL or of third parties from

whom HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL has obtained a concessionary licence.

Inasmuch as the user respects the present general conditions, HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL grants a

non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable user licence for DIGIWELLNESS.

Any hypertext link to DIGIWELLNESS that uses of framing, in-line or deep linking techniques is formally

prohibited. In all cases, even those tacitly authorised, any such link must be immediately removed if


2.2 Forgery warranty

All reproduction, distribution or publication by any means, including adaptation, translation, processing or

usage, whether whole or in part, of the content of this DIGIWELLNESS mobile app without the explicit prior

written agreement of HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL is prohibited.

Article 3 Privacy protection with regard to personal data

If you decide to use DIGIWELLNESS, you agree to provide HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL with exact


See Annexe 1: Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Article 4 User responsibility


The user is entirely and exclusively responsible for his/her use of the application and the consequences

thereof, without the least recourse against HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL.


The user is solely responsible for the confidentiality of any codes or passwords enabling the use of the app

or access to user data, as well as any such use or access by third parties, whether or not these have been

authorised by the user.


The user agrees:

1. Not to use the DIGIWELLNESS mobile app to nefarious or illegal ends, nor in a manner

prejudicial to the rights of HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL or to the rights of third parties,

including intellectual property and, in particular, not to use DIGIWELLNESS for the diffusion of

trade secrets, detrimental or illegal communication, nor for any immoral, discriminatory or

offensive action prejudicial to either HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL or its third parties.

2. Not to hamper or perturb access to the DIGIWELLNESS mobile app, nor to access HEALTH &

TECHNOLOGY SPRL computer systems, whether to modify or use these for the transmission

of computer viruses, hack attacks, worms etc., or to commit any action thereupon that could be

interpreted as computer crime.

3. To respect these general conditions of use.


In the event of the DIGIWELLNESS user failing to respect these contractual obligations, HEALTH &

TECHNOLOGY SPRL reserves the right to prohibit their use of the app, to immediately block their access

thereto and to demand payment of any damages with interest. Furthermore, the user agrees to indemnify

and exonerate HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL from all liability for loss, damage, costs or expenses

incurred by HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL as a result of the user’s non-respect of these obligations.

Article 5 Responsibility of HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL


HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL is only bound by best-effort obligations concerning all stages of access to

the app, its use for reservation and/or for subsequent services. Thus the responsibility of HEALTH &

TECHNOLOGY SPRL cannot be engaged for any inconvenience or damage suffered that is inherent to the

use of the Internet, notably with regard to service interruptions, exterior intrusions, computer viruses or

anything that can be construed as force majeure.


Other than for fraudulent intent or gross negligence, HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL may not be held in

any wise liable for problems or damage, of whatever nature, entailed by the user as a result of the incorrect

use of products. To this end, the user is expected to carefully read and follow advice contained in the notice

provided by the manufacturer, either on or inside the product packaging, and which carries important

information, in particular with regard to dosage and contraindications.

HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL cannot be held liable for eventual alterations or defects in the products, as

these are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and vendor.


HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL cannot be held liable for consequences arising to the user or to third

parties from the misuse of the DIGIWELLNESS app and the user data it stores by persons to whom the user

or a third party has, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, enabled access.


DIGIWELLNESS is made available to users in its current state of development. HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY

SPRL confers no guarantee with regard to the mobile app.


By the present text, HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL excludes all conditions, guarantees, declarations or

statements regarding the content of the mobile app and the genuine or alleged provision therein, or lack

thereof or delay thereof, of any service relating to DIGIWELLNESS, regardless of its nature, and according

to which the app is exact, complete or updated, which might affect relations between XXX and the user or be

considered as implied by, or incorporated within, the present General Conditions or any other related

contract, by virtue of legal, statutory or other provisions.

Users understand and accept that they use DIGIWELLNESS at their own risk and that HEALTH &

TECHNOLOGY SPRL does not guarantee that the mobile app will meet user expectations, nor that it will

function in an uninterrupted, faultless and secure manner.


Any content or service provided by HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL via the app is delivered “as is” and

according to availability.


Entirely at its own discretion, HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL reserves the right to alter or delete content

or services from the DIGIWELLNESS app.

Notably, and without being limited by the following, HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL does not guarantee

DIGIWELLNESS a complete absence of programming error, that the app will meet all user expectations,

never be subject to interruption, dysfunction or breakdown of service, that it can be used in all locations, that

there will never be loss of content or other data, that it is adequate to a particular usage, or that there will

never be any problems relating to data transmission or conservation, etc.

Article 6 Litigation and applicable law

In the event that difficulties with the application, interpretation or nature of these general conditions, or

concerning the reservation service require litigation, the courts of Liege will be solely competent to resolve

the dispute, regardless of the user’s address.

All contractual and judicial relationships between the user and HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL are subject

solely to Belgian law.

Article 7 Invalidity and integrity

Should one or more stipulations of these general conditions be considered invalid, be voided by law, be

regulated or rendered inapplicable due to a definitive decision of the competent jurisdiction, all other

stipulations remain unaffected in their validity and reach.

Article 8 Proof

The computerised records, conserved in the system databases of HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL and its

partners under reasonable conditions of security, shall be considered as proof of the communication that has

existed or exists between the parties.

Article 9 Modification

HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY SPRL is entirely free to modify the above conditions at any moment without prior


Continued use of the DIGIWELLNESS mobile app after such an adaptation of the general conditions has

been undertaken implies the user’s full and irrevocable acceptance of the altered version.