Digiwellness, the best app to look after my health and well-being.

Our objectives:

  • To save you and your family time by sending your prescription to your pharmacist from your smartphone or tablet. When it is ready, you go and pick it up.
  • To enable you to receive information, to keep in touch with your pharmacist about issues that concern you, stay connected and receive even more advice.
  • To offer you gifts by way of vouchers: no need for you to do anything.
  • To help you find your participating pharmacist easily, including your on-call pharmacist, as they are clearly marked on the geolocation map.
  • To offer you the chance of participating in a growing online community.

My vouchers

The voucher system

Thanks to Digiwellness, you will regularly receive offers from our partners for health and wellness products. You receive these offers directly through the Digiwellness app on your smartphone. They allow you to benefit from discounts or special rates at your pharmacist’s.

How does it work?

Once you have received your voucher, all you have to do is show it on your app at your pharmacist’s, and  the discount will be immediately deducted from your purchase price.

What do I have to do?

You don’t do anything! Your pharmacist scans your voucher with their app and is refunded directly from the wholesaler. You immediately receive the discount without any further action on your part.


You select a voucher via your app.

The pharmacist scans it on their smartphone app.

You pay less.

Cost saving

Download the app

I don’t want to wait and want to use the Digiwellness app immediately so I can benefit from all its advantages.